Afghan Man Cuts Off Wife’s Nose, Lips

Afghan Man Cuts Off Wife’s Nose, Lips

A heroin addict was at need of a fix but had no cash. Therefore he ordered their spouse to offer her precious jewelry and, whenever she declined, he hacked down her nose and lips.

Thirty-year-old Sitara, whom hardly survived the brutal attack, claims she suffered her horrific accidents as a result of her spouse, Azim.

It absolutely was hours before next-door neighbors discovered Sitara inside her house within the Anjil region of western Afghanistan’s Herat Province. There they found her unconscious, covered with bloodstream, along with her nose and lips lying close to her on to the floor.

Sitara ended up being hurried towards the medical center, where physicians had the ability to support her condition. The incident developed huge waves in your local and national news, prompting the inner Ministry to introduce a manhunt for Azim, who fled after the December 13 event. Continue reading