Where is Brandy Hall upgrade episode one: The torch is passed away and a case that is cold up

Where is Brandy Hall upgrade episode one: The torch is passed away and a case that is cold up

Murder from the area Coast: Where is Brandy Hall? Her final a day is an investigative podcast. Below could be the transcript for Episode 1: The Torch is passed away and a cool instance heats up.


Hey everyone. a note that is quick we get going. We had been thinking about airing these five episodes in August – a special enhance of period three, Where is Brandy Hall — then again one thing took place. There started to be some motion in the event including an excellent lead on where her stays may be hidden therefore detectives aided by the Palm Bay authorities asked us to put on a bit off while they pursued some newly uncovered information. We consented because, like authorities, our objective would be to assist Brandy’s household find closing if that meant standing as well as police that is letting a sensitive and painful brand brand new lead, we had been prepared to provide them with enough time they asked for. You’ll hear exactly about that brand new information over the following five days and I also vow to break right in with major news since it takes place.

The following is Palm Bay Sgt. Jeff Spears giving an answer to my concern about whether or not it had been fair to express that new life happens to be breathed to the research.


That’s absolutely reasonable to express. We’ve taken an interest that is special our cool instances. We now have some cold instances that, we should re re re solve all cool situations, but we now have some we actually want to consider once more since there could be items that are lacking or other individuals included. This instance you have got Mr. Sandberg, the private eye that is doing plenty of work behind the scenes to greatly help bring some closing for this situation therefore within the last 12 months we’ve taken a closer understand this situation we’ve attempted to select through to it a tiny bit. We’ve reassigned this situation to a detective that is different are only looking to get newer and more effective eyes included and seeing that which we may do which may be lacking, that individuals haven’t examined into yet, and demonstrably looking and following through to leads that we’re getting from Mr. Sandberg. In order that brings us presenting time and we’ve attempted to do a little work to find her whereabouts and trying to puzzle out where we are able to really find Brandy and bring closure by doing so. And thus we involve some things prepared right here within the future that is near we’re hoping is fruitful and effective. But we’re nevertheless operating difficult because of the situation, we nevertheless ponder over it a working instance inside our eyes in following through to leads and seeking at things us out with the case that we can revisit that can help.

Palm Bay Police Sgt. Jeff Spears discusses Fr /> (Photo: John A. Torres)


We shall be here and, needless to say, i shall help keep you posted. And today, on to your episode.

Formerly on Murder from the area Coast: Where is Brandy Hall?


She ended up being a real nation woman, a tomboy. She could outdo things that most guys could not do: welding, fishing, hunting, shooting. she could shoot a lot better than anyone I’m sure. She could weld a lot better than many men I’m sure.


She had been extremely popular by great deal of men and women in the neighborhood. You have got a person who is a firefighter and also this hero, part model types of individual who disappears and thus it is planning to draw a complete large amount of awareness of her also to the situation.


Just somebody tell me personally where my daughter’s at. It is like exactly exactly what am We likely to do? Get screaming or just what do i have to do? It is like where is my daughter? Where are you currently Brandy? Where are you currently? Dear Jesus where will you be? (actually crying)


I’m John Torres and welcome to the very first of an unique multi-episode change of Murder regarding the Space Coast Season 3: Where is Brandy Hall? The last a day. I’d told you I’d decide to decide to try my better to help keep you updated and that means you can probably expect a lot more of these to appear every so often as things begin to once heat up once again into the seek out Brandy Hall. Two private detectives happen taking care of the scenario when it comes to year that is last therefore and are also concentrating plenty of their efforts on Brandy Hall’s last a day. The episodes that follow will do similar.

But I have some sad news to report before I get started. Keep in mind this sound through the podcast?

S /> (Picture: John A. Torres)


JT: Now, how frequently do you believe about that instance?

Sid: each and every day and whenever we pray every evening. Brandy, and therefore extremely essential one who is very important to your situation, we state: “Lord Jesus, make him take action therefore we will get her body right straight back.” But that’s an everyday incident with me personally. And my partner too, whenever she had been nevertheless alive she’d pray every day that is single.

JT: therefore it’s simply the type or form of instance that’s in your thoughts on a regular basis.

Sid: Positively. She’s never far from my ideas.

JT: Have oasis active quizzes you ever looked at the chance that we perhaps maybe not understand this plain thing solved just before. get?

Sid: Yes, but we don’t entertain that thought very long. That’s not in my own thought processes or my language. I’m gonna live for enough time despite the fact that I’ve got some severe dilemmas. I’m gonna reside very long enough to obtain her straight straight straight back.

Just as much as Sid LaDow attempted, it absolutely was perhaps maybe perhaps not supposed to be. Sid, the tireless detective that is old spent almost their whole retirement attempting to re solve the Brandy Hall situation as an opt to the police division and also the family members, passed away on April 24. He didn’t get to carry closing to Brandy’s family members but he did get their other wish – become reunited together with his spouse Sue, whom passed away in 2016. While you might remember, Sid nevertheless, every time, put down a coffee cup for her.

JT: What’s your song that is favorite to on a guitar?

Sid: “all things considered these full years.” It’s a love track. It’s a ballad that is irish. The guy is performing towards the girl. In which he claims, ‘you understand, just simply just take my hand,’ and then he talks about her hand also it’s wrinkled in the end these years. He nevertheless really loves her. You understand?

Sid passed away peacefully inside the rest after seeing their wellness decline throughout the last 2 yrs. He kept smoking right till the finish and I also would log on to him about any of it. He’d laugh at me personally and state quitting cigarette smoking is easy, I’ve done it 1,000 times. He’d additionally joke which he smoked to ensure he could cough and clear his lungs out making it simpler to inhale.

About a week that he had just plunked down $125 to fix his hearing aid before he passed, Sid told me. Him how it worked he told me he could now hear a gnat fart from 200 yards away when I asked.

Sid had been a character and I’m proud to own been counted among their buddies.

He had been additionally, like we said, tireless. Six times we met for lunch with Brandy Hall’s mother Debbie Roggie before he died.

They mentioned theories and methods. It’ll be unfortunate to see this instance solved without him but I’m convinced it is fixed – plus in big component compliment of all of the work Sid put in.

Before he died, Sid became buddys with private eye Nic Sandberg, who i am going to introduce in only a bit and that has bought out the reins of Sid’s research. Just like me, Nic had been stunned to master of Sid’s moving.


I met with Sid a great deal. Lots of dinners and lunches at Sonny’s. Essentially got a telephone call without warning. I happened to be talking I got a phone call saying “Sid’s passed on. with him on Messenger the night before in addition to following day” Just complete utter surprise. He didn’t mention such a thing inside the communications which he had been experiencing such a thing diverse from he ended up being ordinarily feeling. Therefore certainly, large amount of thoughts running all the way through, like, oh my Gosh.